5 Insta-worthy restaurants in the valley

What makes a place 'insta-worthy'? For me, it's not only good food, but a combination of ambience and presentation. Here are my top picks for places that are not only tasty, but are photogenic and a lot of fun.

Nitro Live


Located in Gilbert, Nitro Live Creamery specializes in custom made ice cream treats, frozen right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. You can customize all kinds of flavors and mix ins or order from their menu. Smoke billows when the ice cream freezes, and it's really cool to see! Nitro Live is also committed to the community and I'm excited to see them grow. 

Luna Gelateria


Velvety and delicious, Luna Gelateria brings Italy to you. Enjoy pizza next door at Pomo, but save room for dessert. Creamy fresh gelato is made fresh daily. There are the flavored gelatos and layered gelatos. The layered ones are mixed with all kinds of different toppings. I had a real tough time choosing a flavor! Make sure you get it with a mini ganache cone, or as I like to call it a "princess cone".

Hash Kitchen


Hash kitchen is the biggest brunch party on Sundays. They have a live DJ and it’s such a blast to go there. I love this party atmosphere because here in AZ, brunch is life. The menu is massive so I’ve been challenging myself to try all their dishes. Currently I’m working through their hashes, my favorites are the Carnitas Hash and the Herb Fried Chicken Hash.

Local Donut


The best donuts in the state of Arizona are not just incredibly delicious, but they are photo perfect. My favorites are the Creme Brulee, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate Sprinkle, and the Blueberry Old Fashioned. On weekends they have cronuts (croissant donuts). My favorite is the Nutella cronut. Enjoy it with the blueberry coffee.

Pop N Tea


Pop n Tea Bar is a incredibly trendy spot for ice cream and teas. The teas are on tap and I especially liked the plain unsweetened black tea with aloe vera. Feeling sweet? I suggest the love potion.  Not only are the teas and treats delectable, they have dozens of fun quotes and wall art to take your insta-worthy photo.


Honorable Mention: Unbaked

Unbaked just opened up this Summer and I have yet to check it out. However, I think it's worth mentioning because the rise of cookie dough cafes nationwide is a huge trend. I'm excited we have one here in the valley, and will try and go there soon.  From the outside, it looks like they have many great cookie dough flavors, without the hour long line like DO in New York City.