What is mead?

If wine is brewed from grapes, and beer is brewed from grains, then mead is brewed from honey. Mead is absolutely delicious, similar to wine with complex flavors. Mead isn't sickly sweet, like you'd think of a drink made from honey. Instead the flavors are incredibly complex and unlike anything I've tasted. They are, however, very strong. 


Superstition Meadery in Prescott introduced me to mead. Their award winning mead is served in an intimate underground tasting room in the heart of downtown Prescott. There's a spice shop on the ground level, so usually if I'm at the spice shop, I make sure to visit the meadery downstairs.




On weekends they have live music. They also have some small bites featuring local jams, breads, and cheeses. It's a really thriving fun spot to hang out.

I highly recommend getting the tasters to try all their many different flavors (although if you do this, please uber/lyft, they are very strong). A full set of tasters is enough to share with two people, and it really is cool how flavors like raspberry or blackberry can meld with prickly pear or vanilla.




When it comes to the mead, my favorites are the Tahitian Honeymoon, Marion Mead, and Lagrimas del Oro. Since 2012, the meadery has created over 170 meads and ciders. Superstition Meadery uses local honeys to create their meads, and the results speak for themselves. Not only have they won many awards, but they are one of the top meaderies in the world (right here in Arizona!). 


If you can't make it to Prescott, most Whole Foods in Arizona sell the Marion Mead in the store. But it's 100% worth it to make the trip and enjoy the full experience. Let me know what you try and what your favorites are!